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Now, a mint-free mouthwash for the mint sensitive.

You may be allergic to the mint in your mouthwash and not realize it.

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The mint flavoring in your everyday mouthwash likely contains salicylates. These are plant chemicals found in a surprisingly large number of common foods including fruits, vegetables, cheeses, drinks and more. Of course, mint – or its variants like spearmint, wintergreen, menthol, etc. – is also the most common flavoring agent in candies and gums because of its refreshing qualities… and in most commercial mouthwashes because of its ability to mask odors.

While we have been told for years that the “tingling” sensation that often accompanies mouthwash (and toothpaste) use is a good thing, that may not always be true. When the “tingling” edges over into burning or irritation, it may be a good time to eliminate mint and try going “mint-free.”

As we at The Natural Dentist learned more about which natural ingredients are the most helpful, and which have the potential to be harmful, we set about making a non-mint mouthwash that could offer all the benefits of our Healthy Gums Peppermint Twist – including its breath improvement qualities.

That’s why we developed The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Orange Zest Antigingivitis Rinse. It’s a mouthwash that contains 20% aloe vera, works to prevent bleeding gums, kills germs and freshens breath - all without the mint that may be causing you discomfort. And the fresh flavor we call Orange Zest is a delightful way to brighten your day.

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