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EarthPicks Earth-Friendly Plaque Removers

New! Keep your mouth healthy while reducing your carbon footprint with EarthPicks Earth-Friendly Plaque Removers.

These plaque removers are made of birch wood from managed forests. But more than that, they have a special triangular shape designed to fit in the spaces between your teeth. The base of the triangle sits against your gums and massages them while the sides of the triangle remove plaque and food debris from your teeth. Keeping your teeth clean in this way prevents tartar, which can lead to gum disease. Each package contains five easy carry packs containing 60 wooden picks (300 total). No plastics are used in the product or the packaging. Barely there mint flavor from mint oil.

Place flat base against the gum line and slide gently back and forth between teeth. Use after every meal.

Works like floss
Flat base massages gums
Angled sides remove plaque
Carry everywhere

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