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Healthy Balance Rinse

4.5|14 Reviews

Plaque is the Enemy

We make Healthy Balance All-Purpose Mouth Rinse for people who generally enjoy good oral health and understand how important it is to maintain it.

Used daily, it will reduce plaque, freshen breath and support healthy gums, without alcohol or other harsh ingredients. Healthy Balance has a great peppermint flavor with a touch of sage.

Peppermint Sage flavor.

Active Ingredients
Peppermint Oil 0.06%
Sage Oil 0.04%


For a complete list of ingredients, click here.

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by RuthHealthy Balance Rinse
Moistening mouth tissue

I use the product that moistens mouth tissue. I hadn't found anything else that works to keep my mouth from drying out overnight. I used to wake up gasping, sometimes even in the middle of the night. (Mouth dryness is evidently one of the many unpleasant aspects of growing older for me). I hadn't found anything else that has done that. In addition, though I have a huge amount of cavities from my teenage years, the dentist hasn't had to replace any since I started using this about 2 years ago - a huge improvement!

by JbronxHealthy Balance Rinse

I bought this last week and tried it. I am not a fan of the taste at all. It left an aftertaste in my mouth and on my lips. I bought 2 bottles thinking I could use it and returned one.

by robisbeardedHealthy Balance Rinse
Great product

Dramatic taste for an impressive product. Definitely worth a try!

by KonaDonnaHealthy Balance Rinse
Does a tip top job

"Love everything about this product, except one. The one though I love the most, you do not test on animals. Why I did not give this product 5 stars (see the photo). Since you changed the twist off cap to squeeze at the arrows to open, I can no longer open the bottle with my fingers. Takes me fifteen minutes of prying off the cap with a screwdriver and scissors. At 68 close to 69 with weaken squeezing fingers this is ridiculous. In calling after trying to open the new cap the first time and talking to the person that answered the phone was told that the original lid was leaking. I asked her to please inform the powers that be, this new child, leak and senior proof cap needs another solution. Please......."

by Yessie88Healthy Balance Rinse
Perfect for a sensitive mouth

My husband has a sensitive mouth and his gums always bleed when brushing. But since we got this rinse he stopped bleed and enjoys how it feels after every use.

by alpina1997Healthy Balance Rinse
Healthy Balance All Purpose Rinse

I have been using his for a few weeks and find it to be quite pleasant. It doesn't burn or have an awful taste.

by NupurHealthy Balance Rinse
Like the taste

I like using this in the mornings it really tastes great not overwhelming and like the natural ingredients

by ZadiegirlHealthy Balance Rinse
Healthy Balance The Natural Dentist

I had immediate results after using for 2 days. I liked the taste it left in my mouth.

by dormanphyllis864Healthy Balance Rinse
Love the taste!

I bought that mouthwash two months ago and I also bought Listerine mouthwash to compare and I like that natural dentist because it works it feel so clean when I gargle it in my mouth the. I see it out! And my mouth feel so clean!

by trinitymichelleHealthy Balance Rinse
Really feels clean and fresh!

I love the Healthy Balance Rinse! It really feels clean and fresh without the burn or medicine aftertaste!

by rhsuHealthy Balance Rinse
Refreshing rinse

My mouth feels refreshed and clean after every rinse

by PattyNHealthy Balance Rinse
Natural & Gentle

I purchased this recently after seeing other reviews online for this product. Recently, my gums began to bleed when flossing, after just 3 uses the bleeding stopped. I like that this product doesn't have a harsh alcohol or medicinal taste. I will continue using this product in my daily dental regime to keep my teeth and gums healthy.

by tynec2723Healthy Balance Rinse
natural taste

Stayed at my friends condo, I forgot my rinse, so I used Natural healthy balance rinse. I was quite surprised that it had a very fresh taste. I now use it daily.

by No More Sahara MouthHealthy Balance Rinse
Works slick!

In all honesty, I bought this product because it was approx. $2 less than the leading competitor's rinse. Healthy Balance's blend of Peppermint and Sage is not my favorite flavor to swish with each night before bedtime, but it works IDEALLY for dry mouth and my gums/tongue/mouth stay moist all night long - no waking up with Sahara Mouth in the middle of the night nor need to rinse again in the middle of the night. Thanks!

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