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Join the growing number of dentists who use and recommend The Natural Dentist.

Healthy Gums rinse has been clinically proven to kill germs as well as Peridex*. It has no alcohol, will not stain teeth or impair taste.

Healthy Gums Reduces Gingival Bleeding…
% Reduction of Gingivitis and Gingival Bleeding-3 months

Healthy Gums
Gingival Bleeding

J of Clinical Dentistry, Vol 9 No 2, 1998

…And Kills Germs as well as Peridex® 
% Reduction of Bacteria

Healthy Gums
Aerobic Bacteria
Microaerophilic Bacteria
Anaerobic Bacteria

J of Clinical Dentistry, Vol 9 No 2, 1998
Peridex® is a registered trademark of 3M Company Corporation.

Here’s How One Top Dentist Uses The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Antigingivitis Mouth Rinse

These post-op instructions for veneers were designed and recommended by Dr. Larry Rosenthal, NYC.


  • Please do not eat anything until your anesthesia wears off completely.
  • Please avoid extremely hot or cold beverages the first night of your veneers insertion.
  • Rinse with warm salt water before bedtime.
  • Rinse with The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums, provided, 3 times daily starting the following day.
  • Do not floss in the treated area for two days.
  • If you feel swollen you may use an ice pack for 15 minutes wrapped in a soft towel. This will help with any swelling that you may have. Alternate 1 minute on, 5 minutes off on the treated area for 10 minutes of on time.


  • Use a soft toothbrush to brush your teeth three times a day with The Natural Dentist Toothpaste.
  • Be sure to brush over the area that was laser contoured (if this was done) very lightly.
  • Use The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Mouth Rinse after every meal, or after you brush, on a daily basis. You may incorporate this product into your daily hygiene care routine.


What Dentists and Patients are Saying About The Natural Dentist®

I’ve found a great-tasting, all-natural rinse that equals Peridex in germ killing and tops it in every other way.
– Dr. Dean Vafiadis, NYC

I have treated many patients undergoing chemotherapy and have seen the benefits of using The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Mouth Rinse. I recommend it to all of my patients.
– Dr. Susan Calderbank, Greenville, PA

Healthy Gums Mouth Rinse is the best non-prescription option for fighting gum disease.
– Dr. Michael Apa, Associate Professor, NYU New York, NY

I had terribly inflamed gums with a lot of bleeding when I flossed. My dentist gave me a bottle along with a specific plan she wanted me to follow. I saw a difference immediately. I went back to the dentist two weeks later and my gums were completely healed. I no longer have bleeding. I love the product. It does “not” burn, it has a pleasant taste (Peppermint Twist) and its amazingly soothing. I will never go back to the regular/harsh mouth washes on the market. I plan on using this for life.
– Beejay, New York

This stuff is amazing. I’ve had chronic gum problems all of my adult life, and this clears up inflammations before they have a chance to get serious– even in Thailand, where it helped me keep an abscess at bay until I got back to the States and my trusted periodontist. He was impressed, too!
– Anonymous

Peridex® is a registered trademark of 3M Company Corporation

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