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Healthy Teeth Rinse

4.7|6 Reviews

Dentists Recommend Fluoride Rinses to Treat Sensitivity

If you have sensitive teeth and your dentist has recommended a fluoride rinse, now you can go natural. Healthy Teeth rinse contains the same level of fluoride as the mass market brands but doesn’t have any of the harsh ingredients like alcohol. Healthy Teeth has earned the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance so you know it is proven to work, and the fresh mint taste will leave your breath smelling fresh and clean.

Active Ingredient
Sodium Fluoride


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by SharynbooHealthy Teeth Rinse

I love this mouthwash. My daughter uses it also. She hasn't had a cavity since using it.

by Madiha AamirHealthy Teeth Rinse
Natural dentist healthy gum

I'm using this from few months and really It gives me relaxation, I'm feeling that my gums are more stronger than earlier.

by BlondieHealthy Teeth Rinse

Tried it and liked it, I was pleasantly surprised that I did.

by christa88Healthy Teeth Rinse
Love this!

I love how fresh and clean my mouth feels when I use this! I love the fresh flavor too!

by PookieHealthy Teeth Rinse
Great and refreshing!

Tried it out and Loved it!! Its a great mouthwash that you won't forget.

by mamawjHealthy Teeth Rinse
Helps with fruity breath in diabetics

As a type II diabetic, and one who acquires fruity scented breath due to raised levels of blood glucose sugar, I have found this teeth fluoride rinse product made by The Natural Dentist, to be effective in good health results of fresher scented breath, whiter teeth from the fluoride content, and overall healthier use from this product. I would indeed recommend this product to others for good hygiene mouth gum and teeth care.

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