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Healthy Breath Rinse

4.6|379 Reviews

Kills Germs Without Alcohol or Harsh Chemicals

Get that fresh-mouth feeling without the burn. Healthy Breath Mouth Rinse will leave your breath fresh and your mouth feeling clean and refreshed. Kill bad breath germs without alcohol or other harsh ingredients with The Natural Dentist Healthy Breath Mouth Rinse.

Cool Mint flavor.

Active Ingredient
Menthol 0.12%


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by AmastaeHealthy Breath Rinse

Minty fresh! Leaves a good, clean, fresh feeling after you use it. The aloe Vera in it is also very soothing for gums. My gums aren't in the best of shape, so brushing and flossing can leave them feeling a bit sore. This mouthwash helps alleviate tender gums!

by Momma2TwoHealthy Breath Rinse
Just Okay../

I received this product to try to help alleviate the issues that I have been having with bleeding gums. I have yet to see any type of result as I have been using it for a few weeks. I personally do not care for the aloe vera and peppermint combination. I think if the aloe wasn't so strong, I would be more excited about it. I keep powering through the taste just to see if it will help my gums!

by JamieHealthy Breath Rinse
Excellent Product!

I have a bleeding gums problem and I have never used your products before but I was quite impressed! I love the taste of your rinse it is not intense and I found it to be very pleasant. As a result I would like to use more of your products the rinse helped me so much!

by SweetepieHealthy Breath Rinse
Very soothing!

I am loving this rinse! It freshens and sooths. I use a cpap and the rinse with aloe even has an added benefit for me of keeping my mouth from drying out while sleeping. This rinse works great without burning or irritating my mouth. My gums are even feeling better. Wonderful stuff!

by BriannaHealthy Breath Rinse
Good mouth wash but

I recently received this mouth wash as a test product to get my honest feed bak about it and I have to say I do like it BUT the aftertaste isn't the best. I always like that clean refreshed feeling and this one did not make me feel that way. It did get my breath clean.. Other than that the bottle is a very good size, I did notice a improvement in my gums after uses etc. I would say in the end I would refer people to it.

by DixieHealthy Breath Rinse
Natural Mouthwash

I received this product free to try and review. The mouthwash kills bad breath and helps with any gum problems that may be going on such as bleeding this becomes lessened with use. You can taste the Aloe which takes some adjusting when going from other mouthwash that does not use that as an ingredient.

by Val23GHealthy Breath Rinse
Great tasting

This has a great flavor to it. Just minty enough to leave the breath feeling nice and fresh. Love that it is good for my gums.

by TwillaHealthy Breath Rinse
Great product

I got this in the mail not long ago & could use lots of it.

by godsgrace01Healthy Breath Rinse

I thought this had a very different taste. I like more sweet mouthwashes and this was definetly not sweet, had a very mellow but tastes just like aloe vera.

by MillaHealthy Breath Rinse
Pleasant sweet mint flavor

I received this item as a sample. I have used the mouth rinse for a week and have been very pleased. The Peppermint Twist flavor is very pleasant. The flavor is a mild sweet mint while rinsing.Then after rinsing there is a slight hint of cinnamon. The mouth rinse seems mild enough for all ages with supervision for children. It's great after brushing teeth and even in between for a quick breath freshener.

by AShippyHealthy Breath Rinse
Enjoyed the flavor!

Going into this - I wasn't sure if I would be able to taste the aloe vera, and was a bit concerned, but you really can't at all and I loved the taste! It's nice to know that aloe vera benefits are included in a mouth wash - something you would not expect.

by AliceHealthy Breath Rinse

I have been using this product for just a few weeks and notice a BIG difference in my gums, my breath, and I even think it helps my sinus allergies (the ingredients are awesome)! I highly recommend it!

by StephbowHealthy Breath Rinse
Tastes good

It says it's pepermint twist but taste more like green apple. I haven't had any bleeding gums sense getting it in the mail. Kids like to use it and everyone likes the taste. Would buy in future.

by LynnMOHealthy Breath Rinse
Love It!

This is my favorite mouthwash on the market! It's all I'll buy anymore. I love it ♡

by Kimberly pHealthy Breath Rinse
Healthy gum mouth rinse

I have very sensitive teeth. This mouth wash keeps it fresh and clean without hurting. I definitely love it

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