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An acceptable proof of purchase is (1) a receipt, (2) a packing slip with purchase price, or (3) a screen shot of placed order.

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Bleeding gums facts.

  • Bleeding gums aren’t always obvious and may first show as pink spit, red floss or reddish marks on hard food, like apples.
  • It is never “normal” for your gums to bleed, no matter how hard you brush.
  • You are right to take bleeding gums and dental health seriously. Bleeding and swollen gums are frequently the first sign of gingivitis.
  • Gum disease, left untreated, can lead to infection, tooth loss, bone deterioration and oral surgery.
  • Gum disease is linked to more severe conditions including diabetes and cancer.*

So take the first step and incorporate The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Mouth Rinse into your daily oral care routine – it’s clinically proven to heal and prevent swollen, bleeding gums.


Stop gum bleeding today with The Natural Dentist, available at your local Target!


Causes and Effects of Bleeding Gums

Proper Care of Bleeding Gums

*American Association of Periodontology

Healthy Gums Mouth Rinse Customer Ratings

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wow just WOW

i really didnt think anything would work for my bleeding gums. my gums have been bleeding for about 15 years when i brush. nothing dental treatment, good toothpaste Nothing ! but this cleared it up in two weeks .. i am baffled cant believe it. i wasn’t expecting this to work actually but it does and im soooo happy. god bless this company!!

Changed my life

So first off let me just say thank you. Im not the kinda dude who goes and writes reviews about anything. So right off the bat im 26 and i really neglected my teeth and gums for years and years. And i didnt really notice just how bad the problem had become until i could not even bit jnto bread with my gums bleeding. So i did everything i could i bought mouth wash tooth paste floss and did this twice a day everyday. And tho my mouth as a whole felt clearner my gums would still bleed eatimg bread. Then they started to bleed even on their own. I could see just how swollen they had got. I thought this is gonna cost my alot of money at the dentist. Probably 1000s of dollars. But i was determined to not go. I was walking in walmart and logo caught my eye. Bleeding gums? Try this! I thought whats the worse it could do. I dont really like the sound of "natural" if im being honest. Sounds a little like mouthwash for people who dont believe in vaxcines. But i bought it anyways along with some reversing gingivitis tooth paste. My bleeding reduced with in 3 days. I could eat soft foods with no bleeding and my gums didnt bleed randomly on their own anymore. Within 2 weeks my gums swelling went down. I could care less how the stuff taste the fact is it worked. It has helped so much. I cant appericate this stuff enough. I wish i could give it more stars


I've used this for a few years now. If you look at about 90% of leading brand mouthwashes, they have at least 25% alcohol. Natural Dentist has 20% Aloe Vera. A product doesn't have to burn your mouth out with alcohol to be effective. I'll be using the mouth rinse before bed soon, leave in for the night without rinsing out. It's important to use a product like after a dental cleaning to ward off bacteria that would otherwise race to the gumline before the gums have a chance to adhere to the tooth once more. Cleaned out tartar leaves the gums in a state of having to readjust to the tooth.

Best Taste Ever.

This product is effective and tastes surprisingly good. I think that kids would even use this mouth rinse.

Fantastic Product

I bought this product a few months ago and it is the only product which is beneficial for gum bleeding. I have tried every mouthwash on the market and it tops all of them. Even with the first use you can see a difference in your gums. It will solve the problems of gingivitis and other issues.

Works great but taste is terrible

I bought this because my gums have been bleeding horribly since becoming pregnant. It works really well, but this particular flavor is HORRIBLE!! Go with a different flavor for sure!

Hard to open.

I will give the mouth wash a 5 star rating. However the photo shows what I have to do to get the bottle open. I cannot squeeze and twist at the same time with arthritic hands.

Great taste and works!

The Healthy Gums Peppermint Twist Mouth Rinse is a nice addition to my dental routine. I have been using it twice a day for a few weeks now. It really helps with dry mouth., freshens breath, and protects against gingivitis. Plus it is beneficial for people who have sensitive gums that bleed. This rinse does not contain alcohol, dyes, or artificial flavors. These synthetic ingredients often cause gum and mouth irritation. Instead there is a blend of soothing botanicals. Including 20% aloe vera, goldenseal, calendula, echinacea, vegetable glycerin and grapefruit seed extract. I stopped using another mouthwash because of sensitivity. It burned my gums and tongue. I did not like all the chemicals in it either. With this rinse I really like the refreshing blend of essential oils for fresh breath. My entire mouth feels cleaner. Use it as a rinse after eating too. I definitely recommend trying the Natural Dentist Rinse.

better than expected

I have so much issues with my gum bleeding and when i use mouthwash i have a hard time with gums bleeding and hurting and being sore. I used this product and have had no more issues one of the best products ever!

Highly reccomend.

I love love love this mouthwash,it's truly amazing. My gums always bleed after I brush and since ive been using this healthy gums mouth rinse my gums havent been bleeding,plus it makes my mouth feel so clean. I highly reccomend this product. It's all natural and u won't be let down

Best Mouth Rinse Out There

I have been using this rinse and recommending it to my patients for many years. I find it to be the most soothing, healing rinse on the market. Not only does it keep your gums healthy, it heals any sores or burns practically overnight. I love the Peppermint Twist flavor ( although to me it tastes more like Cinnamon) . I am never without a bottle!!

Bleeding gums

I bought this product & I was so pleased that it solved my problems at 90%.


"I have had problems with my gums for long time this year it got really bad. the dentist did the best he could. I had a tooth pulled and some of my teeth were loose. I was prescribed medicine mouthwash that make your teeth black. I did not do it. I found your mouthwash with the mint. when I went back for my cleaning the hygenist said what are you doing different? your teeth are not as loose or bleeding she was so surprised. So the teeth I have left I keep using your product . thank you so much for your product I just told a friend at work about your product. I go to my dentist every three months for cleaning. My breath even smells so much better. Healthier. I so greatful to your product. I use it twice a day. thank you, with lots of love yvonne"

Love the Product Hate the Top

I really like the product. It tastes really great and is not overwhelming. I hate your top. I struggle with getting the top off every time I use it. This is my second bottle, so it's not an anomaly. It's a huge inconvenience, especially in the morning when I'm getting ready for work. You should really consider changing it.

First Great Dentist Appointment

For years dentist has fussed at my teen daughter because of her badly bleeding gums. We started using Natural Dentist Antigingivitis Rinse and the last dentist appointment she had was the very first time her gums didn't bleed excessively and the dentist didn't fuss at her.

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