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All In One Toothpaste

4.6|121 Reviews

Our All In One toothpaste puts everything we know about how to make the perfect toothpaste in one form.  The result is a product that is unlike anything on the market today.

What makes this toothpaste so different is all the things it doesn’t have… no saccharin, no artificial flavors of any kind, no artificial dyes, and no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)!  We are particularly emphatic about that last ingredient (SLS) because so many of the other brands that label themselves natural seem to have made an exception for this chemical.

We do, however, make one exception with the use of sodium fluoride in the All In One formulation.  It’s there on the strong recommendation of our dentist friends and because there is no effective, natural substitute when measured by its ability to fight cavities and strengthen tooth enamel.  (For those of you who disagree with us on this issue, we make a non-fluoride version as well. )

Fair warning: because there’s no SLS, our toothpaste won’t “suds” up the way most others do.  And you won’t feel as much of the same “tingle” after brushing that you’ve been trained to associate with cleanliness.  But if you’re like most of our customers, in a few weeks you’ll forget about the suds and the tingle and start to think this is the way toothpaste should be.  And you’ll be right.

We won’t use SLS in our toothpaste formulations


Active Ingredient
Sodium Fluoride (0.24%)


For a complete list of ingredients, click here.

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by YeseniaAll In One Toothpaste
Bring back old formula!!!

Why do companies mess up a perfect formula by improving it?! This new formula causes sensitivity to my gums and teeth!! This was the only toothpaste that worked for me and now I have to look for another one!!!!

Hi, Yesenia. We're sorry we let you down. If you are in need of a refund, please contact our customer service department, toll-free, at 888-317-4402.

by JOSHUAAll In One Toothpaste
New Formula is a fail!

New formula is horrible! Very Thin and tastes like it has SLS's.

We're so sorry to hear of your disappointment in the new All In One formula. We added aloe vera to enhance its gum health benefits. The new formula also has stevia, which seems to be a polarizing ingredient taste-wise. There's definitely no SLS. Please reach out to Consumer Affairs if you're in need of a refund: 888-317-4402 (toll free).

by twilliamsAll In One Toothpaste
Tastes terrible now

The new formula is unusable it tastes terrible. Almost a licorice flavor and I swear it almost has a numbing sensation now too. Bitter/root aftertaste lasts a long time. Been using this toothpaste for seven years? Have to find something else now.

by LenYAll In One Toothpaste
Please bring back a non-stevia formula

Like the previous reviewer Megan, I am a long time customer, but my latest purchase has a new improved formula that has added stevia. For me the bitter aftertaste lasts over an hour and so this product is unusable. I will be returning the purchase to Amazon (the old ingredients are shown on Amazon so the product is not as described). Both old and new formulas include sorbitol and xylitol, which are also sweeteners, so I'm hoping you can go back to relying on those two and not adding stevia as a third sweetener. Like Megan, I would buy a large quantity of the old formula if I could find it.

by MeganAll In One Toothpaste
Please bring back the old formula!

I have been using this toothpaste for years and buying in bulk because I love it so much, but my latest order touted a new and "improved" formula. The toothpaste is now stevia sweetened, and I can no longer use it! I would buy up multiple tubes of the old stuff if it were available! There is literally only one other toothpaste I can use and I left it behind once I found Natural Dentist. Please bring back the original 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

by Joe K.All In One Toothpaste
Really Pleased

I’ve been using The Natural Dentist All in One toothpaste for years and have been really pleased with it. I guess better still, I have consistently had great checkups with the dentist with no issues. I just had my first post COVID check up after not going to the dentist for well over a year and a half and everything was spotless and they did not even have to clean that much.

by HeatherKAll In One Toothpaste
Love it

First time using it and i loved it the whole family did..amazing

by greenac6767All In One Toothpaste
Love the taste!

This All In One toothpaste from has a terrific cinnamint flavor. I really love that it contains no chemicals, sodium laurel sulfate (SLS), alcohol, artificial flavors, colors, or sweetness. It does contains good for you ingredients such as purified aloe vera, goldenseal, calendula, vegetables glycerin, and natural flavors. They are gentle on the gums and teeth. This All In One prevents cavities, whitens, strengthens tooth enamel, fights tartar, and freshens breath! Plus it leaves my teeth and mouth super clean and fresh.

by robisbeardedAll In One Toothpaste
Great Toothpaste

Refreshing toothpaste which does it all! My favorite of the products so far

by Danigurl86All In One Toothpaste
The best

I started using this 2 weeks ago I and will never use any other toothpaste. Because of health issues I have always had that metal taste in my mouth, that has improved drastically. My gums have even stopped bleeding. Thanks for making this!!!

by GrammyH4All In One Toothpaste
Great product!!!

Received product as a sample. Have used the toothpaste for 2 weeks now. Gums no longer bleeding and teeth feel clean/polished, like I've just been to the dentist kind of clean. I highly recommend this toothpaste for anyone with bleeding gums or with plaque build up. Superb product!

by XsolngngoodnitexAll In One Toothpaste
Awesome toothpaste!!!

I've been trying to find a "better for me" toothpaste. Even though I take care of my teeth, the usual brands I've been using just don't cut it anymore. My mouth still feels like I've missed places where I know I've brushed. I decided to give Natural Dentist a try. The tube itself is a great size! It lasts a while even for a family of 3. The texture is smooth and brushing feels comfortable and nice. The biggest thing for me is my teeth feel clean! Sparkly clean! The taste is great as well. My daughter is 4 and uses this with no issue. It doesn't have a harsh,overbearing zing to it like others I've used. So it was gentle for my kiddo too. I also was told I have the very early stages of gingivitis in my back gum. The pain was annoying but I didn't think I would get it because I brush,floss, and mouth rinse daily. Since using Natural Dentist, my gums don't bother me much anymore. My dentist has been happy with my mouth and I don't need a deep cleaning anymore. I am so pleased with this toothpaste. A product the whole family can use and love!

by JaznicAll In One Toothpaste
Awesome tooth paste!!

I am extremely happy with this toothpaste! I was super surprised how much my kids liked it as well, and the fact I didn't have to fuss with them was a miracle. It has a clean fresh taste, and left no bad taste in your mouth. I will continue to us this brand, very happy!

by pregnantmomAll In One Toothpaste
Great taste and I notice a difference

I am pregnant and have horrible problems with bleeding gums. I have been using this with the mouthwash and recently had a dental check up. The hygienist was so impressed with how little my gums bled. So happy with this product!

by MissZAll In One Toothpaste
It did its job

I am working on becoming not depending on any toothpaste that has fluoride in it. For what it's worth, it does a pretty good job. No weird aftertaste is a plus.

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