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About Healthy Gums Mouth Rinse

Going through radiation treatment for neck cancer meant significant skin irritation, fatigue & throat sores. There are not many options available for throat sores as most products are for far less severe symptoms. I was fortunate to be brought some bottles of The Natural Dentist; gargling and swallowing the mouth wash soothed and relieved my throat helping combat the pain and irritation as well as helping in my recovery post radiation treatment. I would strongly recommend the product due to the results and an added bonus is the aloe content is natural and the taste is pleasant.

— Anonymous


I highly recommend The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Rinse for anyone looking for a natural mouthwash to soothe and prevent bleeding gums and mouth ulcers. I had two arm operations that left me physically depleted & with mouth ulcers, and this mouthwash was a lifesaver. Here are some reasons why I recommend it. Made with natural ingredients like purified aloe vera, anti-inflammatory echinacea, and the herb goldenseal, which is considered one of the best herbs for healing bleeding gums and mouth ulcers. I found the taste very pleasant. Fights bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease. Alcohol-free. Contains no harsh chemicals, no SLS, no artificial flavors or colors. Contains a therapeutic dosage of aloe vera.

— Anonymous


I am in the process of having specialised dentistry done. 4 implants are in place awaiting crown fitment. As a consequence, I am susceptible to mouth ulceration and gingivitis. A wonderful friend gave me a bottle of Natural Dentist to try whilst we were away together. I used it 4 times a day for 3 days as a treatment regime. My ulcers were healed without the stinging effect of other products I’ve used. My gums were no longer inflammed and bleeding after only 3 days!!! I’ve continued to use the mouthwash twice daily for maintenance. It has a pleasant natural flavour with no aftertaste. I highly recommend the product and will purchase my future supplies online as there are no local distributors in Cape Town. Exceptional results, phenomenal product!!!”.

— Anonymous (Cape Town)


I had a great deal of work done on aligning my teeth and getting my (TMJ) Temporomandibular Joint disorder sorted, this required wearing braces for 2 years followed by major surgery to align my jaw. From the start of the braces I continually had bleeding gums and developed a Gingivitis. I was given a number of “Medical” Mouthwashes, Toothpastes, told to change toothbrushes, by the Dentist, Orthodontist and Oral Hygienist. Every time I brushed my teeth flossed and used the different recommended treatments my gums would still bleed, the worst for me was waking up in the morning and finding the blood from my mouth on my pillow case, having to change my pillow slip daily, then sleeping with a linen saver on my pillow. I really thought that after everything I had been recommended, nothing was helping that I would have to just live with this. I was then introduced to “The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums”. I thought I have got nothing to lose, I have tried everything, night one, woke up the next morning… NO BLOOD on my pillow, I thought “this cannot be real” let me try this twice a day which is recommended and see how it goes. I can honestly say this has changed my life, no more bleeding. I can highly recommend “The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums” as a general mouthwash.

— Anonymous


Thank you for two wonderful and very helpful products!  Thank you!   Healthy Gums Antigingivitis Rinse and Stim-U-Dent Plaque Removers!  I notice a healthy difference!

— Jay (Harrisonburg, VA)


Couldn’t live without it! I’ve been using this product for about 8 years now, and my gums have improved every year. I even used it many years ago to stave off a gum flare-up ’til I could get back from Thailand to see my own periodontist! He was impressed. and now recommends it to other patients.

— mindful eye (Berkeley via drugstore.com)


Won’t use anything else. Took me a bit to get use to this product, but I have been using it for about 3 years now. Before that I used the product from Maine. I like that this takes a natural approach with the chlorophyl. It does not sting at all, it tastes fine, & my gums do not bleed any more(this was only minor). I have grown to love this product & I will not use anything else.

— jenpea (Glendale, CA via drugstore.com)


Soothes my aching gums. This product tastes delightfully minty without the harsh alcohol burn you get with some other products. I love that it’s natural, and has a blend of extracts that help sooth and nourish your gums instead of only killing bacteria. My gums are frequently upset with me (perhaps because I rarely floss…) and when they swell up, swishing this rinse around really calms them down.

— Leko Geko (Depew,  NY via drugstore.com)


I’m hooked! Absolutely LOVE this stuff! Yes, it’s green in color, but my oh my does this not only taste pretty good (best mouthwash I’ve ever tasted! Not that that’s saying much…), but my bleeding gums have finally stopped in just a little over a week of using The Natural Dentist 2x a day. They used to bleed every day when I flossed and brushed, but now my mouth feels healthy and happy and I think a lot of it is due to this stuff! Hope it works as well for you as for me.

— SusieQ (Seattle, WA via drugstore.com)


Great for bleeding gums! My hygienest used to get on my case about my gums. This stuff fixed it. I use it once day.

— healthygums (Los Angeles, CA via drugstore.com)


. . . my 84 year old mom. Her gums have been bleeding for years. Amazingly after 2 days they stopped bleeding. We couldn’t believe it. Thanks!

— Chris (Vero Beach)

My dental hygienist gave me a bottle after my gums bled profusely during a cleaning. Now I use it twice a day and never bleed anymore. I love the way it makes my mouth feel

— Gloria (Boca Raton)

I don’t normally go to this much effort to share my opinion but this is an exceptional case. Recently I was suffering from sore and tender gums. I tried salt water rinses, frequently. Then hydrogen peroxide. Then I moved on to the full strength Listerine 5 in 1 stuff that claims to do it all (and burns like mad), and I was using that 3 or 4 times a day. All of this was over the course of a week and it was getting better but VERY slowly. By the end of a week it was still bothering me, and I was thinking a dentist trip would be necessary. As a full time student with 3 kids, and no health insurance for myself, I was really trying to avoid that because I simply don’t have the money.

Frustrated and wanting to try at least one more solution before giving in to the dentist visit, I went to the grocery store looking for something different and I found your product up on the top shelf, advertising help for bleeding gums. Well mine weren’t bleeding (yet) but they were hurting so I figured I’d try it. AMAZING. I was hestitant to believe it at first and figured it was coincidental, but your product stopped the tenderness and pain within THREE uses. I used it three times, once the night I bought it then the next morning and mid-day and after the 1st use I could already tell it was helping but by the 3rd use my gums felt totally normal.

I am rarely this impressed with a product! Also, the rinse is refreshing and minty without burning… I had to hide it from my teenagers who were using it all up quick! I am definitely buying more! Thanks for a great product that actually does what it says it will do!

— Sherri (USA)

I am just writing to you to say thank you so much because your mouthwash truly saved me! I have been struggling with bleeding gums and severe gingivitis for over ten years and nothing seemed to work. It was just getting worse by the day. It had gotten to the point where my gums seriously bled every time I brushed my teeth and flossed. It also hurt a lot! I discovered your product and gave it a try. What a miracle! It helped stop the bleeding and the throbbing soreness was almost all gone after only a few days. The best part is that its all natural…what a gift! I can’t wait to try your other products and am just so grateful this product and this company exists! I can’t thank you enough!

— Lydia (Illinois)

My husband has bleeding gums as has gone through a few Dental curettage’s to fix the problem. The bleeding would stop for a few months and then start up again. My husband starting using the rinse on the 16th of July and after a week the bleeding gums had practically stopped. As of today he rarely sees blood when he brushes his teeth. As of now, I think this product works better than the curettage’s the dentist does and it is $1000.00 cheaper.

— Janelle (Canada)

I had terribly inflamed gums with a lot of bleeding when I flossed. My dentist gave me a bottle along with a specific plan she wanted me to follow. I saw a difference immediately. I went back to the dentist two weeks later and my gums were completely healed. I no longer have bleeding. I love the product. It does “not” burn, it has a pleasant taste (Peppermint twist) and its amazingly soothing. I will never go back to the regular/harsh mouth washes on the market. I plan on using this for life…

— Beejay (New York) from Drugstore.com

I have advanced gum disease, but cannot afford the periodontal treatment recommended. So I started trying over the counter products to help reduce the inflammation and stop the bleeding. Natural Dentist is the only product that worked for me. Now, I’m using the whitening mouth rinse and toothpaste and that too definitely has made a difference.

— Marianne (Vista)

I had been looking for a product to help my gums which bled at every dental cleaning. I had been prescribed the dreaded gum rinse by my dentist, which I truly did not like and goodness, it’s a drug! I picked some of the Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Daily Oral Rinse at my local health food store and was very pleasantly surprised to find it did an excellent job of returning my gums to health. My dentist noticed that my gums no longer bleed and I have a normal cleaning now at normal intervals, every 6 months as opposed to every 3 months. I gladly recommend this product.

— Aerie (Florida) from Amazon.com

This stuff is amazing. I’ve had chronic gum problems all of my adult life, and this clears up inflammations before they have a chance to get serious–even in Thailand, where it helped me keep an abscess at bay until I got back to the States and my trusted periodontist. He was impressed, too!

— Anonymous Undisclosed from Drugstore.com

I’ve found a great tasting, all-natural oral rinse that equals Peridex (leading prescription mouth rinse for bleeding gums) in its germ-killing, and tops it in every other way.

— Dr. Dean Vafiadis from The New York Smile Institute.

I was diagnosed w/ Lyme disease over a year ago and experience a dry mouth. I have no bleeding gums or other issues, but am trying to avoid that. After reading good reviews about this brand of oral care I thought I’d give it a try. I had been using Biotene and Sensodyne products. I didn’t feel they were working as well as they should for the price of those this is comparable. Also the Biotene rinse is not all natural. The moment I opened up the package I could smell the scent. The taste was great-no alcohol burn, no medicinal taste, no mint flavor ( I don’t like mint) though the label reads peppermint twist. There have been complaints that the cap is hard to remove from the bottle. I found it a bit tricky and could be troublesome for those with arthritic hand issues.The color is green due to chlorophyll and when I spit it out I noticed two clumps of the green. It didn’t stain my teeth and I could not even detect the clumpy spit in my mouth.I will see if it helps with the dry mouth, but after one use I am pleased with my initial experience.

— Anonymous from VitaminShoppe.com

I had bleeding gums in two areas. I am sensitive to metals and the caps put it had metal in them causing a reaction. Every time I went to my dentist he would make a comment but no answers. I had tried some products he gave me samples of to no avail. Since I use herbals, when I saw your free sample offer I went for it. I got my products and the bleeding has gone away with my daily routine. If I quit using your products it returns. Wish the dentist under our insurance would know about these products. I have mentioned it, but I am not the professional so they just nod.

— Robin (Oklahoma City)

Healthy Gums Mouth Rinse is the best “nonprescription option for fighting gum disease.”

— Michael Apa, DDS, quoted in Elle Magazine.

I have tried many types of mouth wash over the years, since my gums often become irritated by sinus problems. All the other brands of mouth wash would cause further irritation, especially the more stronger “Listerine” types. Even the mild Biotene mouth wash proved ineffective. I tried this brand out several years ago and will never use anything else. My gums rarely bother me anymore and seem in much better health. This also tastes great and provides a very soothing sensation when swished around the mouth…

— H.E. Pennypacker (Portland, OR) from Amazon.com

I recently had my six month dental cleaning and check-up and my dentist was pleased with the way my teeth were. He said they looked good! This is great news since I have Sjogren’s Syndrome. Thanks Natural Dentist!

— Regina (Greenwood)

All natural, non-toxic, alcohol-free — and cruelty-free to boot! Oh, did I mention that my gums no longer bleed since I started using this product? Having suffered from gum disease for over 15 years, I am so happy that a product like this has finally come on the market!

— Jessica (Indiana) from Drugstore.com

I’m a long term canker sore sufferer, and have tried most things. I bought this as an alternative to a peroxide based mouthwash I had been using, and it works much better to help prevent and clear canker sores and mouth ulcers. I generally use it when I have bitten my lip or tongue, and can feel a canker sore forming. So far, it has prevented any canker sores from taking hold and becoming painful. Excellent! No other product I have tired has been able to do this. I’m using an anti-canker sore toothpaste daily, so that may also have an effect, but this mouthwash is an outstanding product and highly recommend in the fight against mouth ulcers!

— Mrs “New Mum” (USA) from Amazon.com

I had bright red gums with a receding gum line. Now my gums are pink and my gum line hasn’t receded any further. I’ve used the Healthy Gums mouth rinse and the Whitening mouth rinse. Both make my mouth feel very clean and comfortable. I like the Fluoride Free toothpaste as well and plan on trying the Whitening toothpaste. In the future, I would love to see other products like oral spray, gum, or mints from the Natural Dentist. Thank you!

— Jared (Chapin)

My dentist was concerned about my gums and recommended this product. I love the taste and on next checkup my Dentist gave me a clean bill of health. Good Stuff.

— Blarney (Boston) from Walgreens.com

I see a dramatic decrease in the gum bleeding. I have no dental insurance until april and I feel this will help keep my gums much healthier I love it.

— Michele (Eatontown)

I’ve been using the Healthy Gums Anti-Gingivitis Rinse as part of my dental hygiene routine. On my most recent visit, my periodontal gaps had improved significantly. I enjoy using your product and will continue to do so.

— Robert (Sarasota)

I’ve always had issues with my gums, and have tried several products on the market. After having had a tooth extraction, I developed a sore on my gums and happened to pick up this product in a drug store. Within about 2 days the sore was gone, and also noticed a difference in my gums. Not as inflammed or as red. I’ve been using this for a few years, and wouldn’t use any other product. My dentist even recommended this to me before he knew I had started using it.

— Chris D. (New York) from Drugstore.com

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